Problem Statement-

Lumberjack Mirko needs to chop down M metres of wood. It is an easy job for him since he has a nifty new woodcutting machine that can take down forests like wildfire. However, Mirko is only allowed to cut a single row of trees.

Mirko‟s machine works as follows: Mirko sets a height parameter H (in metres), and the machine raises a giant sawblade to that height and cuts off all tree parts higher than H (of course, trees not higher than H meters remain intact). Mirko then takes the parts that were cut off. For example, if the tree…

The problem at hand is sentiment analysis or opinion mining, where we want to analyze some textual documents and predict their sentiment or opinion based on the content of the documents.

Typically sentiment analysis seems to work best on subjective text, where people express opinions, feelings, and their mood.

From a realworld industry standpoint, sentiment analysis is widely used to analyze corporate surveys, feedback surveys, social media data, and reviews for movies, places, commodities, and many more. The idea is to analyze and understand the reactions of people toward a specific entity and take insightful actions based on their sentiment.

Adesh Kotgirwar

Pre Final year Computer Science and Engineering Student at RCOEM,Nagpur.

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